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Playful Spanish Workshop: INCLUSIVE & QUEER SPANISH (Wednesdays)

Recently we've gotten many questions from our students about Inclusive Spanish, especially since in English, the 'singular they' has gained more traction for offering a new way to speak about people without referring to them by gender.

Our Wednesday class in the weekly Playful Spanish Workshop is a response to these questions, and it will explore how Spanish offers other ways, due in part to its gendered constructions, for these ideas of inclusivity, equality, and gender expression to be communicated, especially in feminist or queer spaces, but also within the general public, as some of these constructions are growing usage.

The class is specially-led by Chichis Glam, who has run the Casa Studio Chichis Libres for over 4 years (the space holds a variety of different queer and feminist focused workshops, events, performances, and parties), and also performs queer cabaret shows locally and throughout Mexico.

This class is geared to students learning Spanish and have Intermediate or Advanced level of Spanish.

$17USD per class. Register.