Welcome to Oaxaca — a unique and welcoming corner of the world!

Oaxaca has significantly outsized cultural offerings for its visitors, compared to its manageable size as a city. From its unique and world-renown food scene to its vibrant music and arts scene, Oaxaca offers visitors many options for entertainment and immersion. Additionally, its archeological sites, botanical and linguistical diversity, distinct political culture, and highly-regarded and varied artisan traditions, offer many routes for visitors to feel at home and engaged in the city and regional culture of Oaxaca.

Moreover, these traits make Oaxaca a wonderful place to study and learn Spanish because the city is teeming with ways to engage and practice Spanish outside of the classroom, offering visitors a rich but approachable space for all types of people, especially for those who are interested in learning from others, experiencing new ideas and traditions, and diving into deeply into a new cultural spaces.


Like many language schools in the city, we want to offer our students various experiences outside of classes, including tours, workshops, and other activities.

Our approach is to help connect you connect to real people who live and do amazing things in our city. We do that in a multitude of ways, including unique and immersive tours, which show students how to navigate the city and take them to unusual places for tourists; as well as connecting our students with other workshops, cultural spaces, etc. For us, it doesn’t matter if the opportunity is offered at our space or somewhere in the city, the most important thing is that you get the most out of your trip. Our mission is to help make long-term connections between students and teachers, artists and art-lovers, and residents and visitors to create deeper ties between our global community and the local one.

We also promise you and everyone we work with, that all our programming is offered by people who have many years of experience, and who are paid a fair wage for their work, or who are independently working in their own spaces to create their own art, practice, etc.

With its high influx of peoples and ideas, we see an opportunity to engage, collaborate and build mutual connections between Oaxaca and the rest of the world. We welcome you to come and engage with us to create new bridges of communication, friendship, and shared cultural space.



Oaxaca is known internationally for many things—its food, its mezcal, and its celebrations, including el Día de los Muertos—among others. But that’s just part of what makes Oaxaca the special place that it is.

At the Cooperativa, we strive to find ways to bring together the things Oaxaca is famous for and the everyday Oaxaca its residents know as home, whether it’s a tour to the city’s largest market, a bus ride to a neighboring pueblo to see a designer clothing workshop, an urban hike to Monte Albán, or a variety of other short adventures that start to show our students the multitude of things that make Oaxaca the special place that it is. While you’re here, we’ll introduce to some of these things, show you how to navigate the city, and connect you to other people and organizations so that you can explore on your own.











Código Tonal:

Offering a variety of workshops including grabado (printmaking), painting with natural dyes, photography, street graffiti, bookmaking etc.

la garrapata de la oveja:

Offering workshops that include paper maché Mexican mask-making, piñatas, drawing, painting, etc.

Agua de Rio:

Offering workshops in natural pottery. Focused on the connections between a sense of place and the art made directly from its land. Located a little outside of the city of Oaxaca.

Estudio Alter Gráfico en Espacio Xicoténcatl

An intimate family-run grabado studio offering introductory classes on lithographic printing and non-toxic printing.

La auténtica chocolatería:

A chocolate cooperative which offers workshops in chocolate-making, cacao-based drinks, and others. At the same location, they also have a cacao-based vegan restaurant.

Miku Meko Art Shop

A fabric, design, etc. art workshop that holds regularly holds classes as well as a weekly “stitch & bitch”.

And more!!




We offer homestays with local families so our students can get to know more fully what life is like in Oaxaca. Currently we have families in the historic downtown (Centro histórico) and we are currently building our options to extend to other parts of the city outside of the main tourist area.

You can also send us a message if you want advice about hotels, hostels or any other type of housing options.