Group classes are the basis of our business. We believe that while both our private and group classes are the best in the city, our group classes add something extra to the mix, because in group classes there’s a sense of convivencia with other students all learning together, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a group healthy learning environment in our classes.

OVERVIEW: We are offering a variety of group classes set at all levels of Spanish, from beginner to advanced. 

GENERAL SCHEDULE: The group classes will run 3 hours a day for a total of 15-hour a week, Monday-Friday from 9am to 12pm.  The last hour is usually more playful and focused on building conversational skills but all class periods include grammar and conversational learning strategies.

CLASSES: Each class will be small, usually between 2-4 students.  Our teachers use a communicative method of instruction that places importance on conversation, discussion and interaction between students and teachers, while strengthening all aspects of Spanish learning: speaking, listening, reading and writing. We often rotate teachers for the last hour of the class, which is more conversational, so that students can practice listening to other speakers and not just get used to one person speaking.

PLACEMENT: We offer classes at all levels and structure our classes based on the DELE system.  We will send you an online placement exam so we can figure out what class you should be in.

MATERIALS: All worksheets and reading materials for the classes are included in the price. We ask that you bring a pen or pencil, a notebook, and if you would like, a dictionary (including on your phone; we highly recommend the free SpanishDict for its fairly extensive collective of slang. For upper level students, we recommend using a monolingual dictionary. You can download one for your device, and we would recommend the Real Academia Española’s dictionary, which is free if you have a data connection).

We also offer free water and coffee during our breaks and every week we'll have a special treat from Oaxaca for our students to try.

MAINTAINING HEALTHY GROUP DYNAMICS: Please note that it is very important for us that we maintain good group dynamics in our school. Our teachers are very experienced with group classes and can handle various learning styles. We ask that our students do their role in maintaining a good group dynamic as well. In group classes, we group students by their closest levels. If we do not have other students in a nearby level, we will make other accommodations for the students. In general, though, group classes mean that the teacher is balancing the learning styles, etc. of all their students. If you have questions about your level or issues with classmates, let us know and we will discuss possible solutions.

PRICES INCLUDE: Group classes from 9-12pm, Monday-Friday, Intercambio Language Exchange (2 days per week), ‘‘Conversaciones Cantina’’ Happy Hour, Short City tour/s, morning yoga (two days per week) etc.

One week: $145USD per week if paid in full or in part by Friday before your classes start. On Monday the price is $150USD.

Discounts for Multiweek study:
- Two weeks for $285USD
- Three weeks for $410USD
- Four weeks for $ 525USD
- For your 5th continuous week and thereafter, the cost is $125USD per week if paid the week before classes start.

Price for just Group Classes, Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm is $140USD

If you need assistance in order to afford these classes, please see our Travelers & Cultural Exchange Scholarship page.

Sometimes we are able to offer partial week options if we have current group classes at your level.