“Playful Spanish” is our one standing workshop that we offer every week. We hold this weekly workshop because we believe that when you are learning a language, an important and useful part of this learning process is seeing the ways in which its speakers play with the language to express affection or frustration, to re-mix cultural influences and create something new, to poetically capture complex ideas in simple phrases, and lastly but most importantly, to call attention and assert resistance to long-standing societal inequalities, which are also embedded in the language and expressed daily in the language.

The workshop itself is currently made up of five 1-1/2 hour classes:

  • Mexican Slang 101 (All levels welcome)

  • Chingar Chingón (Using Chingar to curse and much more) (Intermediate & Advanced levels)

  • Inclusive & Queer Spanish (Intermediate & Advanced levels)

  • Mexican Idioms & Sayings (Upper Intermediate & Advanced levels only)

  • Intro to Albures (the Mexican Double Entendre) (Advanced levels only)

As a school we are committed to teaching Spanish in all of its forms, and overall are dedicated to equality for all people. This workshop is an expression of the complex history of language, from domination and appropriation to affection and resistance, as language offers a unique cultural window into the power dynamics and societal values of our shared past, present and future.

PRICE: $17USD per student for each class (1.5-hour class) and $80USD for a 7.5-hour workshop.

We request doing a language test with each student because slang, word play, etc. can be difficult to understand. We will send an online exam, as well as request that each student do a verbal exam either by phone or in person.


We also offer other two-day “Crash Course” Workshops on request including:



This class was originally envisioned as a 6-hour crash course (2 days-3 hours a day) for visitors who need to learn the ropes of Mexican culture as well as the Spanish language, but it can be adapted based on the students’ needs.

The class is dynamic and can focus on things that are particular to Oaxaca, or assist those who need to deep dive into all things practical for life in Mexico or Latin-America. Part of the time, you’ll spend in the classroom learning Spanish, the other part you’ll be in the field, practicing in real situations and seeing the places first-hand.

Possible themes for the class include:

○ Shopping in the markets
○ Eating at restaurants
○ Public transit
○ Mezcal culture
○ Food culture
○ Art

This class can be led by various teachers, but most often is led by Adriana, or Marco.



This class is set up to be a 6-hour crash course (2 days-3 hours a day) for visitors who are coming to Oaxaca to get a feel for its art scene but can be adapted as requested.

Like Spanish for Travelers, this class is dynamic and moves between the classroom, where you learn about the contemporary arts movement in Latin-America, Mexico & Oaxaca, and the field, where you visiting galleries and museums to see the art being made and in exhibitions currently in the city.

If you have particular interests in Oaxacan art today, our teacher can adapt the class to address your particular interest relating to contemporary arts within Oaxaca.

This class is usually led by Adriana.

CRASH COURSE (6 hours in 2 days): For 1 person: $99USD; for 2 people or more: $65USD per person.


Additionally, many of our Specialty Classes are set up to run in one- or two-week cycles. We can create group workshop classes from these themes. If bringing a university or other group who wants specific thematic group classes, we can adapt our courses for your needs.

For instance, one of our most popular is our Latin-American Literature Workshop (possible two-week themes include: Latin American Poetry; Mexican Women Writers, Forgotten Women Authors during the Latin-American Boom, etc.). Please see our list of possible themes in the Private & Specialty Class page and we will happily adapt them to interactive group class.