While our business is focused on group classes, we know that sometimes students need private classes because of their specific needs and/or availability. So, we are also happy to offer private classes to students at all levels, and our teachers are very skilled in adapting to each individual student’s learning styles.

We can also accommodate students that have a particular interest or theme, such as literature, art, culture, vernacular or idiomatic language interests, Medical Spanish, etc.

CLASSES: We offer one-on-one classes in our space in the city, where our teachers have a whiteboards and classroom, so that you can learn in a peaceful environment.

GENERAL SCHEDULE: We are flexible and will work to meet your scheduling needs. Occasionally we can offer classes in the mornings, but we have more availability in the afternoons.

MATERIALS: All worksheets and reading materials for the classes are included in the price. We ask that you have a pen or pencil, a notebook, and if you would like, a dictionary, bilingual for lower levels and monolingual for high level students. (You can download them on your phone; we highly recommend the free SpanishDict for its fairly extensive collective of slang. For a monolingual dictionary on your phone, the Real Academia Española offers a free version if you have internet).

PRICE for Regular Spanish Classes at all levels:
One-on-one classes $17.50/HR USD or 10 hours for $160USD
For 2-on-1 classes: $21.50/HR USD or 10 hours for $200USD


Listed below are some of our specialty classes that are usually organized for a two-week intervals unless it says otherwise. Additionally, we are flexible and can adapt to our students interests including long-term study.

We also know many people in the city more than capable, so we can search for other guest teachers that would be better prepared to teach the themes you want to study. Just let us know what you’d like to study!



We have three different teachers who each teach Latin American Literature classes, Marco, Argelia and Lorena.

Here are some of the themes we offer:

○ Forgotten Women Authors During the Latin-American Boom
○ Women Writers from Mexico
○ Latin-American Poetry
○ Literature from the Latin-American Boom
○ The New Mexican Novel
○ Latin-American Short Stories

While these themes are set-up for two week study, we can offer long-standing literature classes for interested students.



While we offer our standing weekly workshop, Playful Spanish, we are happy to offer personalized classes in these themes for students who want more time with these themes or more explanations (except for the first day, the workshop requires a relatively high level of Spanish), or those who wish to learn more about these themes in more depth.

Chichis Glam teaches the class on Inclusive & Queer Spanish (intermediate and high levels)

Goyo teaches the class on Albures, as well as others about idiomatic phrases, and the use of Chingar, and other slang (for high-level students only)

Other teachers, including Marco and Miguel can teach idioms & sayings, chingar and other ways to curse in Spanish, basic slang, etc. (levels depend on the theme, but these teachers work with more elementary and lower-intermediate levels)



Many of our teachers are well-versed in the arts as well, including Adriana and Argelia.

Themes we offer include:

○ Contemporary Art in Oaxaca (can include a walking tour)
○ Contemporary Art in Mexico & Latin-America
○ Overview of Daily Life & Cultural Practices of the Aztecs
○ Food Culture in Mexico
○ The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema


Our medical Spanish classes focus on terminology for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners who work with Spanish-speaking patients, and include role-playing scenarios.

Miguel has several years experience offering beginning and intermediate classes to both groups and individuals.

PRICE: One-on-one classes $18.50/HR USD or 10 hours for $170USD
For 2-on-1 classes: $22.50/HR USD or 10 hours for $210USD